Monday, August 10, 2009

January, 2008

January 2008 rolled around and we were still grieving the loss of our long time little fur buddy, but also looking forward to when we hoped to be soon joined to our daughter. We were sorry that she would not get to meet him for I believe they would have liked each other.

As open ended as the wait box can be, there were still many things to do to get ready before her arrival. Originally we had planned that we might have to stay in Guangzhou for three weeks plus about four days for travel with the international date line thrown in there and/or flight schedules.

So knowing that that was coming I was in the midst of automating the payment of our bills so that whatever came due while we were away would be paid without me worrying about over due bills or finance charges being racked up.

Meanwhile my wife continued to get our daughter's room ready, painting a closet in pink as pink seemed to be the theme. Years before though the room itself was painted a light yellow with a sponged paint look to it, with a checkerboard blue heading around the top of the room.

Being a third generation pack rat and having inherited some of the first generation material, my office was awash in paper, stacked willy nilly, the garage loaded as well. However, I had slowly started the process of dejunking my life which takes a lot of discipline to untie oneself emotionally from various forms of paper and other items. This was done while working full time, taking care of our herd of animals and doing other things too. So little in the end was accomplished in that department as the inflow seemed to match the outflow, so I suppose will say the piles weren't getting any smaller but at least they were not continuing their growth which I can call a success of sorts.

On our wait went to February, 2008.

Saturday, August 1, 2009