Monday, October 5, 2009

February, 2008

On we rolled into February and waiting. I don't recall when we got her pictures of her birthday party in China which was not exactly on her birthday but we were delighted, surprised that she'd grown as for some reason it never dawned on us that well, duh, she would change being a child.

8th birthday

Looking back at past emails I discovered that our LOA (Letter of Acceptance) arrived 25 Jan 2008. The last piece of the puzzle needed before Travel Approval would be issued.

One month to the day after LOA our TA arrived. So on 2/25 I was informed that we were leaving on March 6th - quite an unexpected time line.

From a note I wrote at the time - "We have to stay in Tian's province, Guangdong, for 2 1/2 weeks before we can go elsewhere in China. Our appointment with the American embassy to process Tian's paperwork for citizenship in the US is the 24th of March.

Then we go to Beijing for a few days before returning home."

In the next few days we were offered the option of paying China another $150 to cut our trip short by a few days versus staying in Guangzhou another few days at $200 a day. Decisions, decisions. Well that took about 30 seconds. So our itinerary was changed to leave 6 March, return 21 March.

Now we move forward to March, 2008 - Welcome Tian.

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