Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Wait Box

There is a standard waiting box, the box comes in different sizes for reasons that baffle the mind. I have to think that somehow Providence is also involved in this but that too baffles my mind.

I'm glad our wait box was not in my control because had it been we most likely would have been in China during the worst snowstorm in many a decade in January, 2008.

Providence / God held up some of our paperwork, which while frustrating to us to no end, turned out to be the perfect timing for when we should have been there.

Had we gone in January we would never have met and got to know the family of one of our daughter's fellow orphans. The weather was much better in March, the air much cleaner, even if smoggy, than at home and Beijing much warmer at 50 in March than who knows what it would have been in January.

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